Verghavn, informally known as the city of refugees, lies at the meeting of the Storelv River and an unnamed ocean. The city was originally founded by dwarves in the year 873. While the dwarves wished to remain secluded in their city the kindly stout folk would not turn any settler away.

Verghavn has evolved into a strong, independent city-state. The official ruling body consists of a council of elder dwarves, though the dwarves remain secretive as to which of their kind belongs to the council. The dwarves do take other races into consideration, especially those whose civilizations have fallen on hard times.

The city has a friendly rivalry and several trade agreements with Elvgaf and seems intent on retaining its independence from the Hellig Empire. The economy is prosperous, and the city is completely self-sufficient for necessary goods.

Verghavn is a very well designed and organized city. The dwarves maintain themselves within walled portion of the town commonly referred to as the Dwarven Quarter. To the north of the Dwarven Quarter lies the Port Region, which contains a majority of the seedy taverns and bordellos. To the east of the port lies the market. The market is completely open air and operates daily. Many merchants argue over the best spots in the market. (To be continued)*


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