Average Height: 6’2”-6’8”

Average Weight: 220-320 lb.

Vision: Normal

Dragonborn are considered one of the elder races of Langliv, on equal footing with the elves, eladrin and dwarves. The Dragonborn originated on the continent of Brannorken and at one point lead a great nation in their homeland. The Nation of Velsig Drage marked the golden age of the dragonborn. During the nation’s existence the entire race prospered in culture, arts and trade. However, a young and envious race contributed to the downfall of Velsig Drage.

Several groups of humans started to colonize Brannorken and infringe on existing dragonborn settlements. At first the dragonborn accepted and aided the new human settlers. The humans showed no graciousness towards their hosts and attempted to persecute dragonborn in their own homeland. The human encroachment and mistreatment struck a chord with the pride and honor that many dragonborn possessed, the only solution to both races was war.

Known only as The Great War, it was the major conflict of Langliv. The war decimated the dragonborn, whose homeland was completely destroyed by the fighting. Even children have heard tales from The Great War and most races respect the dragonborn for their valiant fight.

Currently the dragonborn are a scattered race. They have no land of their own and most avoid large settlements. When they do join an existing civilization they tend to keep to themselves and form their own quarter or section of the town. Nobles seek dragonborn as mercenaries and advisors due to their renown and respect throughout the realms.

Physically dragonborn resemble humanoid dragons. They are covered in a scaly hide, yet lack tails. Each hand contains 3 talon-like fingers. Their scales range in color from scarlet, gold, rust, ocher, bronze or brown. Dragonborn are hatched from eggs, and grow faster than human children. Dragonborns reach adulthood around the age of 15.

Notable Dragonborn

Regalis: Champion of Bahamut, Defender of Verghavn.


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