Average Height: 6’1”-6’6”

Average Weight: 175-280 lb.

Vision: Normal

Devas are instruments of the gods who originated in the Astral Sea. They are sent to the material plane to battle evil in the name of their chosen god.

Devas appear very similar to humans, but possess an unearthly beauty and stillness about them. Their skin makes them very distinctive: as they have patterns of light and dark colors on their skin. The light portions range from a chalky color to a light gray, while the dark range from blue / purple to dark gray / black. Either light or dark can be dominant, with the opposite hue acting as highlights in elegant patterns throughout their body and face. Devas do not move or fidget when standing still, their eyes only move when actively scanning an area.

Devas do not reproduce, when they die they are reincarnated as an adult at a place deemed sacred to the gods. The deva retains some memories of past lives, enough to remember languages and offer prayers and rituals to the gods.

Most devas have a close relationship with good gods (especially Moradin, Bahamut and Pelor). In fact, devas originated in the Astral Sea and retain brief memories of that life.

Devas are extremely uncommon in Langliv. They do not have societies or villages of their own. Many attempt to blend in and accept the ways of the race they live with. *


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