A young gnomish wizard of the mining city of Storklippe


Kurkiben Lowlight Gnome Control Wizard Small, 3’5”, 52 lbs, UN, Deity Ioun

Initiative 6 : +1 dex, +1 level, +4 misc

Ability Scores



Hit Points (+4/level) Max HP: 31 Bloodied: 15 Surge Value: 7 Surges / Day: 7


I grew up in the city of Storklippe (store-liff), a mining city dug within the mountains in the cold Langliv north.

It was a cold and windy evening when I uttered my first words to summon a beautiful light at the waning of the sun. That moment was a sign for me, for I had yet to study the arcane magics yet they flowed naturally through my body, mind, and voice.

I began elementary worldly educations with many friends in Storklippe.



Relatively young, about 60+, knowledge focus with Ioun. Work hard, entire area cooperates but especially gnomish way to help each other. Also gnomish way to prank each other, but those are stories for the trail. Fit but not strong, understands importance of fitness and health in his journeys but focuses much more on studies and knowledge. Enlisted by home city to travel and help protect a caravan for sales though the long journey to Langliv. Traveled with the caravan and met few obstacles, and while in Langliv met with some local acquaintances to the caravan…

City of Storklippe

Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves, city high in mountains. Cold water river runs from the mountain tops through the city, deep mines for precious gems for which our city is known. Very clean and warm city though in the cold mountains – working together the city is built as an large but protected stronghold. There are deep mineshafts built to bring natural heat through geothermic heating to the many rooms and buildings throughout the city, leading to a protected environment with a natural warmth for anyone. The city is built inside the large mountains of the region, influenced by the Dwarven mining perfection, the Elvish beauty and love of nature, the Gnomish resonance with their natural world and their joking personality. Many rooms, large enough for Humans and Elves, some smaller and more familiar to the Dwarves and Gnomes, built both inside the mountain, on the outer edge of the stronghold entrances… and some even say there are secret lookouts hidden from sight at the trunks or in the branches of the trees… a feat of planning implemented masterfully by the sheer magnitude of the partnerships developed by the many races who otherwise would have a hard time inhabiting the land so successfully.


Langliv Azoth