The Legend of the Dead Gnome

Well rested and proud of their actions defending the town of Langliv, the group decided to continue on with their plans to search for the lost city Drivsvar in hopes of gold, gear, and for some, glory! Little did they know about the power a single item may hold over the minds of the living… and so became the Legend of the Dead Gnome!

Started in town, each person got gold for source tied to char background, Foreman met at shop and took below shop, looked normal but ends up being very elaborate looking room, possibly ancient throne room. Speculations but were told not to worry. Obvious tunnels underneath that they were old and dwarven construction. Walked long time, reached door of awesomeness which the Foreman had to use ancient dwarven scroll of awesomeness to open, as told by Todge. Entered a room, door similar to first could not open, found another door unlocked and entered. Entered farm house, wooden door broken through by Regalis and Telxon.

First battle, fought Stirges and won quickly. Telxon had it out for the giant mushroom in the farm house and sliced it down in a single pass. Looking around, grate open and passed through. The gnome decided to go through first so he would not miss the action, almost goes down. Fight 2 kobolds with guard drakes on opposing sides of room. Telxon saved Kurkiben before going down, Krist brings Telxon back to finish the battle. Hard fought, but we were victorious.

Third battle, fought crates. Entered room of kobold slingers and kobold skirmishers. Smelly and sticky substances flew all around, made Regalis smell worse than he already did.

Slyblade and 4 dragon shields, slyblade came out of nowhere to hit Kurkiben hard in the back, and sacrificed the lessers to save himself. Regalis swung wildly throughout the battle, missing often, and coughing a cloud of soot instead of deadly fire.

After a long day of battle, we returned to a nearby surface entrance to recuperate before continuing deeper into the dungeon.

We learned many things in battle together, the least of which being there is no red box, wizards do not take point, and we should pay more attention between battles and when adventuring.



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