The party returned to Verghavn and immediately met with the Foreman. While the dwarven leader was pleased to hear that the kobold threat was no more, he was disheartened to learn that no progress had been made into his ancestral home. The adventurers described the door they could not pass and the Foreman knew of a solution. He sent the adventurers to a wizard friend by the name of Lachesis, an ally who would help unlock the secrets of Drivsgar. The group went to The Drunken Shark Tavern to celebrate. Kurkiben was unable to handle even a sip of the fine dwarven ale and passed out; the poor gnome was too ill to leave with the party.

The party set out for the Tower of Lachesis the next morning, yet while they rested in the wilderness a vile group of bandits attacked them. The bandits were easily dispatched and party continued on to meet the friendly wizard. While the wizard was cooperative, she was unable to attend to the needs of the party. Her former apprentice stole valuable and rare components and asked the party to retrieve them for her. The brave adventurers agreed and headed towards the estate of Xanthan.

Once inside the vast compound the adventurers discovered a group of vile goblins, bugbears and their vile pets. The group slaughtered many evil creatures before they needed to rest and regain their abilities for another day.



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