Knock, knock! Who's there?

Following a much-needed rest the adventures bravely pressed deeper into the kobold’s lair. Regalis bravely knocked on the door to alert the kobolds of the adventurer’s presence. The kobolds, being of sound mind, prepared for the attack and assumed defensive positions. In addition to the well-prepared monsters the party dealt with traps scattered throughout the room. Telxon managed to knock a kobold off the ledge, which alerted the next encounter to the presence of a possible meal.

Regalis bravely descended a sheer cliff to scout out the next area, only to be attacked by four vicious visejaw crocodiles. It appeared that the brave paladin would be overwhelmed, yet the quick-thinking Kurkiben wisely put some of the vicious reptiles to sleep as healing from Kristov and Telxon kept Regalis alive.

The group ventured deeper into the lair and discovered a room covered in a strange fungus, with levers located on platforms above their heads. While examining the fungus the heroes discovered treasure, which pleased everyone. Todge and Telxon used their abilities to teleport to the top of the platforms, yet Telxon fell from the ledge while trying to pull the lever. Kurkiben used his powers to guide a well-knotted rope to the lever which allowed Regalis to climb to the top and pull the second lever.

The next room matched more kobolds against the heroes. Yet instead of rushing in Kristov used the doorway as a choke point and kept the battle in favor of the adventurers. One lone kobold survived and tried to surrender, he was promply stored in a Bag of Holding by Kurkiben. With that, the players found a ledge to camp and rest.



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