Gnomish Hiding Spaces

The group was exhausted, yet they knew pushing deeper was their only choice. Telxon and Ailvys heard a noise from behind the party, and volunteered to investigate the sound and cover the group’s flank. Regalis, Todge, Kristov and Darrak agreed with their assessment and decided to press deeper into the filthy goblin stables. After dispatching of more of the foul beats and their evil pets the group noticed a series of crates. The dwarves and their dragonborn companion looked through them, only to find a gnomish wizard covered in rotten meat. Lachesis teleported Kurkiben into the estate. Her aim was slightly off and the small wizard felt it would be better to hide in a crate full of rotten meat instead of facing certain death at the hands of the goblins.

The five adventurers pressed on to rid the stables of the goblin presence. They disocvered a powerful goblin, his pet hippogryph and their minions. The battle was intense, the party was pushed to the very extremes of their formidable abilities. The party managed to defeat the group of goblins and found a small amount of treasure, including a rare hippogryph egg. The group needed rest and determined the room of their last encounter was cozy enough for their spartan needs.

Progress was the only thing on the adventurer’s minds as they pressed on into another section of the large estate. More goblins fell to their weapons and spells and it seemed as if nothing could slow down their progress. They had no knowledge of what lied around the next corner.



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