Adventure Begins!

First Adventure

It may have been the middle of the afternoon but The Foreman knew precisely where to find the adventurers. He opened the door of the Golden Barrel to discover it quite busy, but what else was to be expected? The taverns of the Dwarven Quarter were always full, regardless of the time of day. He noted that the party was not complete but decided to press on with his offer.

“Hey laddies. I got a job fer ya.” The old dwarf said as he approached the four men.

“And what would that be?” replied Kristov, a fellow dwarf and cleric of Pelor.

“I found it!” The Foreman exclaimed, barely able to contain his excitement.

“Found what?” asked Kurkiben, a diminutive yet powerful gnomish wizard.

“Drivsvar.” Replied the Foreman in a hushed whisper.

Todge and Kristov smiled, knowing that the legendary dwarven fortress would be great wealth and prestige to any dwarf who aided in its reclaimation. Telxon and Kurkiben appeared puzzled but optimistic.

“500 gold a piece, plus you may keep any treasure you find.” Explained the Foreman to the adventuring party.

“Why send us? Why not the other dwarves of the town?” asked Todge.

“It’d be mighty suspicious if all the dwarves up and disappeared. Besides, we have responsibilities here.” answered the Foreman.

The answer seemed to satisfy all those at the table, and with a nod the adventurers agreed to the terms. “I’ll buy ye a round of ale!” exclaimed the Foreman as he walked to the bar.

The time for celebration was short-lived, as sinister forces had other plans for the region.



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